While under construction a wildfire which would become the worst in Bastrop history started within a mile from the venue. Our land was spared, but so many around us were not so lucky. We bought the wood to build the front porch pergola and a rooftop deck and built-in seating from a neighbor who lost everything and milled his dead trees to rebuild. The window wall in the pavilion was made from reclaimed vintage windows from a house in Tarrytown. The metal used on the pavilion and bunk house all from reclaimed barns. Since so many acres of wildlife habitat had been destroyed in the fire, we decided to convert the land from agriculture to a wildlife sanctuary focusing primarily on song birds. The property supports not only a vast variety of song birds but also water fowl, birds of prey and other species. It has become a bird watchers paradise. And so the Adventure began............

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Tel: 402-871-5881

Email: homesteadvenue@gmail.com

The Homestead

208 Old Potato Road

Paige, TX 78659


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